Thursday, August 5, 2010

update for the last 3 days

On tuesday Aug 3rd we got out on 2 trips and we saw whales on both trips. The weather was good and we had great trips.

On Wed Aug 4th the whales were out 9 miles to the south west. We saw both BLUE WHALES and HUMPBACKS. On the afternoon trip we got skunked on the whales and the weather was a little sloppy :=(.

Today we ran out to the sw area and up to Church Rock. We covered a lot of ground but came up empty on the whales. We did see some sea lions, sea otters, an albatross and several the sea birds.

On the 1:00 trip we ran up to the NW and saw several bait balls with birds working. A dozen common dolphins were spotted and also a shark that was either a great white or a salmon shark. Again we covered a lot of ground and came up empty.



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