Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi there everyone, just wanted to let you know what is going on these days. We are into spring break now and have the whale watching trips going out on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 and if we can get group together 12:30. We had 2 great trips on Sunday. On sunday morning we had sunny weather and calm seas. Right off the bat we had a report from David Anderson that their were humpback whales about a mile outside of South Cayucos. We headed that way and found them and followed the mom and calf for about an hour. We saw them jump a few times as we were coming up on them but once we were with them they were just cruising and throwing tails. An awesome day with great weather and nice whale show.
On the afternoon trip the weather was still sunny and calm. We found a couple of gray whale cruising up the coast about 3 miles out front. We stayed with them for 45 min. until we ran into a pack of common dolphins. We played around with the dolphins for about 30 min. and had them riding the bow wave. Very cool!!
We are planning to go out on Tue March 30 at 9:00.

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